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Disclaimer: The accuracy of the data supplied to Taste Symmetry LLC. for conducting a nutrition analysis is solely the responsibility of the customer. The accuracy of the customer’s formulas, recipes, measures & weights of ingredients, production yields, the additional data pertaining to the other ingredients such as nutrition information for specific ingredients used by the customer in the customer’s recipe, and any other information supplied to Taste Symmetry LLC., is the responsibility of the customer. Taste Symmetry LLC., is only responsible for the accuracy of nutrition analysis based on the accuracy of the data supplied by the customer. Nutritional analysis information provided by consultant is based on the estimated database analysis using available standard USDA ingredients or specific brand name ingredients that are contained within Taste Symmetry LLC.’s computer database programs. Some nutritional values may vary depending on the exact ingredients and specific brand name ingredients used by the customer to produce its food product. Taste Symmetry LLC.’s sole liability arising out of, or in connection with, the services provided to customer, shall not exceed the invoice of said services. Furthermore, Taste Symmetry LLC is not a law firm and does not give legal advice. Nothing contained in this message should be construed as legal advice or the practice of law.

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