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About Taste Symmetry

When I first thought of the name Taste Symmetry in 2009, I chose these two words because they represented the things I sought out most in food, places, and life. They were two attributes I wanted to foster in myself. Taste Symmetry began as a place to share the things I thought were interesting back when I was traveling as a food safety consultant. 

As the Taste Symmetry brand grew, my focus became much broader. I brought on additional services that included menu development, HACCP planning and grant writing. While the breadth of my services are wide, the North Star of this company has become more about cultivating meaningful relationships that supports small businesses.

meet the founder

Hi, I'm Christi.

Over the years, Taste Symmetry has evolved as a resource for food businesses going through the ups and downs in regulatory compliance.

Being a resource and trusted advisor to the food industry has become my passion while enjoying the challenges of an evolving industry — the technology regulations and best practices that keep our food supply safe.


Training clients on food labeling issues and providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to be successful is my super power. I’m always exploring, experimenting, and testing the boundaries of my creative muscle. My next project may be just around the corner. Whatever it is, I’m excited to share it with you.



Christi is an accomplished entrepreneur, boasting a diverse career across food science, wellness and technology domains. Prior to creating Taste Symmetry, she led numerous projects in public health, applied nutrition, and manufacturing industries, providing guidance and technical assistance to school systems, health institutions, grocery stores and manufacturing plants.

compliance is my love language....

With over 25 years of experience, her practical approach to compliance played an important role in USDA nutrition programs; SNAP, WIC, Nat'l School Lunch, School Breakfast, Fruit & Vegetable Program, CACFP, Special Milk, Farmer's Market Nutrition Program, TEFAP, and the Commodity Supplement Nutrition Programs.


Christi is an active member of the Food Insiders Club and holds certifications in Project Management, Lean Six Sigma, Food Safety and Nutrition. She has a Masters Degree in International Affairs from Columbia University, Dietetic internship from Johns Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore, MD and a Bachelors Degree in Dietetics and Nutrition.

May this be the beginning of a beautiful 

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let's work together


Attempting to do it yourself or hiring an inexperienced consultant are not risks worth taking. We’ll work with you and/or your inspector until you get your plans approved.

It’s our promise to you.

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